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Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

A Good Running Sewing Machine

After 8 years of being an Authorized Repair Shop for Brother, I have concluded that as much as 80% of my repairs are thread-related problems which could have been avoided. Here are some simple tips to keep your machine clear of thread. 1. Always use a brand-name thread for sewing. For machine embroidery always use a brand-name, machine-embroidery thread; this includes the bobbin thread. 2. Always use the correct bobbin for your machine. (See your manual or your dealer if you are unsure what size to use.) 3. Many new Brother Innov-is Machines are packed with two bobbin cases. One bobbin case for use with genuine Brother bobbin thread and the other for use with all other brands of bobbin thread or pre-wound bobbins such as Nebs, Coats & Clark, or Robison-Anton, to name a few. (If your Brother machine takes the new fatter bobbins also use the bobbin center pin spacer with the narrow pre-wounds, refer to manual.) 4. Keep the bobbin area free of loose threads and fuzzies. A vacuum cleaner works best. Use the soft upholstery brush attachment and be sure not to scrape the metal parts with the metal hose from the vacuum which can cause burrs on the bobbin plate or bobbin case which can cause thread fraying and breakage. “Canned air” may be used but be careful not to force the dirt deeper into the machine. 5. Replace the bobbin case as needed with genuine parts for your machine. Genuine bobbin cases are set to factory tension specifications for your machine. 6. I have seen machines with large amounts of thread wrapped around the hand-wheel. Keep loose thread away from the hand-wheel it turns while the machine is running. (Note: only turn the hand-wheel the same direction the machine turns it, generally counter clockwise.) 7. Do not spray water or cleaner on your LCD display. Use a soft cloth with an appropriate cleaner and gently wipe it down. 8. Keep your machine covered when it is not in use. A clean sewing machine is a good running sewing machine.We hope you found this article helpful,for more information or to purchase items discussed please visitSewing machines knitting machines